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It's Been Awhile

I really should update more, but life has been a little crazy for me lately.

First of all, I quit working at Mimi's two weeks ago. I am now a free woman until training starts this Monday at school. It's really nice to not have the stress of the restaurant environment weighing upon my shoulders every day.

Secondly, I went to San Francisco last week with K.P. and it was absolutely AMAZING I knew it would be beautiful, but words don't even begin to describe just how picturesque it truly was. We had such a good time. We rode bikes, we rented Seg-way's (like Dr. Evil has on Austin Powers) they were sooooooooo fun! We took an hour cruise around the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz. We ate great seafood and had margaritas by the sea. =) It was definitely one of the nicest vacations I've ever had. If you have never been to San Francisco I highly recommend it!

Last but not least, I just wanted to inform everyone that my parents still aren't talking to me. . . It's been close to two weeks now. I'm a little upset about the whole situation, especially since I feel like they're being selfish and teetering over to the dramatic side; but whatever. The rest of my family supports me completely, and so do all of my friends. The problem is that everyone keeps telling me, "they'll come around... just give them time." Well, exactly how much time is it supposed to take to accept your own child, and how long should I wait before I decide that I don't want to talk to them anymore? I'm just wondering. . .

One last thing, my 10 year reunion is this Saturday. Jeez Louise. That's crazy. I'm getting old. But it'll be fun to see how everyone else looks, so I'll probably go check it out.

Adios boys and girls.
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